‚ÄčWe have a new generation:  "Generation X", they actually make up the Largest chuck of home buyers.  (31%).  Information from the National Association of Realtors report, and then the clients 32 years old and younger, make up the second largest group. 

As of now, "The Search Agency" the number of home buyers 'clicking' on their smartphones, to view real estate information- grew over 10 percent from 2012 to 2013.  Using your tablet, to search properties for sale?  Well, Tablets 'clicks' grew even more, with over 20% increase quarter after quarter. (87% over year). 

Consumers can check their devices to view what their monthly mortgage would be, check on homes for sale, how to make their home ready for sale, which mortgage broker to use/ lending institution. 

Housing Inventory has been low in the past year, but the numbers have slowly increased. Nationwide, listings were up by 4.3%.  That is roughly 1.9 million homes were on the market- June of this year 2013.  That is actually the highest monthly jump in a year, so that is a good sign for buyers. Rising home prices could persuade more sellers to place their property on MLS.